Seaworthy Services is a full service yacht repair company with two shipyard facilities in Palm Beach County Florida, USA. These facilities have the ability to haul up to 160-ton yachts for complete service work.

Seaworthy also has a fleet of ten trucks and several mobile machine shops fully equipped to come to your location or your dock for any type of mechanical service you might need. We service propulsion systems, steering systems, control systems, plumbing and piping, electrical systems, and hydraulic systems. We sell, service and install bow thrusters on vessels up to 150 feet, in both electrical and hydraulic models.

We offer vibration analysis equipment to diagnose drive line problems. We can install new engine mounts for a vibration free ride. We can repair and specify propellers, and straighten or replace propeller shafts. For absolute accuracy in optical engine and shaft alignment, we offer laser targeting of your vessel while it is in the water, so that when it is hauled and blocked at the yard, it sits the same way as afloat.

For a completely dry bilge, Seaworthy installs all types of drip-less shaft seals for both the propeller shafts and the rudder shafts. We can repack your conventional “packing glands” as well. Seaworthy will restore corroded shafts on both rudders and propeller shafts which are pitted and causing the seals to leak. Many times, corroded and pitted shafts can be fixed and give years of good service after our restoration.

We can paint your bottom and running gear, change a boot top stripe, or add multiple boot stripes all straight as an arrow. We can also straighten the existing boot top to a precise line and make your boat look sharp as new.

Our company specializes in engine re-powering. We have the equipment and knowledge to change out brackets and mounts, build new exhaust and plumbing systems, and modify the engine beds and anything that is required to install new engines.

Seaworthy Services is a company of highly trained machinists and mechanics with years of experience in the right way to repair your boat. Many of the premier boat and yacht builders in this country hire Seaworthy to take care of complex warranty issues. We are trusted by these builders and also by hundreds of private owners who bring their boats to us from all over the world. The vast majority of our business comes from word of mouth, just one captain and owner telling another how well they were treated.

Seaworthy Services is a company built on service and backed by integrity.

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